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Does It Make Sense To NOT Know Your Website Visitor?

Get The Full Contact Record For People Visiting Your Website

“If customer obsession is knowing everything about your customers, people-based marketing allows marketers the ability to plan, activate and measure communications at an individual user level, to deliver the right message to the right person on the right device at the right time. ” B&T Magazine

Start by Identifying your website traffic and turning your clicks into leads.

Since your clients are business customers you can just pick up the phone and call them. You can send them an email, a direct mail piece. You can literally stop by the office. You no longer even need ad ops. The bottom line is You Know Who.

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Stop Burning Through Sales Reps

Help them spend their time with people that have spent their time researching, investigating, comparing your products and services against the competition.  You no longer have to burn through sales reps by wasting their time forcing them to make their living from soul crushing cold calling.

The reality is that doing things the way you did them, just because that’s what worked in the past, went away like Kodak, Toy’s-R-Us and Blockbuster just to name a few.  We’re in the Age of Amazon and it’s time you knew exactly whom you’re marketing too.

It gives you a huge competitive advantage.

I was intrigued but the last thing I was looking for was a waste of my time. These meeting were NOT a waste of time.,.on the contrary.With their media contacts and strategic approach Leadpros could actually set more quality meetings than we could handle. We actually had to slow them down.Leadpros is easy to work with and took the time to thoroughly understand our value prosposition, competitors, market, and brand.  They identitifed and targeted the best C-level decision-makers experiencing problems our solutions could solve.The meetings were informative and the vast majority led to more substantive talks.All of Leadpros marketing was approved by Captini so we were confident our message was being delivered in a way that C-Level decision-makers would understand and hear our story in a compelling manner.The relationship we have with Leadpros has provided several opportunities for new growth. We were so impressed with the work of Leadpros we made them an integral part of our team.” Stephen Wright, CEO Captini

Is it really a better idea to temporarily rent your data as opposed to owning it?
Grow Your Revenue with people have a reason to respond.
Deliver your message across device and across channel for better cashflow
Take advantage of machine learning to deliver greater market share

“Most of your marketing money is spent on renting an audience sometimes for just a second or two. However, if you can turn that investment into your own audience, you’re well on your way to building a significant asset for your organization.” Salesforce

Identify Who's Preparing To Buy.
Identify your closest path to profit... your current website visitors
Get Identity Resolution With Privacy Protection
Know Which of your Previous Customers is Back In-Market For Better Retention
These Are The Only People Worthy Of Your Limited Ad Budget.
These Leads Have A Reason To Respond Now.
They're Actively Pursuing a Purchase Of What You Sell.
Is It Wrong To Stay Top Of Mind With The People That Matter Most?

I’d gladly give the right retailer a surplus of data my kids’ ages, genders, measurements, favorite characters, even their names in exchange for personalized marketing offers in my inbox or social feeds. And I’m not alone.

Sixty-three percent of Millennial consumers and 58% of GenX consumers are willing to share data with companies in exchange for personalized offers and discounts. DEC 02, 2016 BY DEVON MCGINNIS

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