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Now that you’re Marketing To Real People and Not Bots:
Get Enterprise-Level, Email Retargeting
Stop getting shutdown by providers like Icontact, Constantcontact, Mailchimp and others

“Sales emails have 8 times more opens and clicks, and can produce 6 times more money, than other types of email”
The top email innovation for 2018 is making more creative uses of behavioral targets, chosen by 60% of top 700 marketers up 2% from last year.”
MediaPost 2018
“B2C companies using email marketing automation have seen conversion rates as high as 50%”

Add Email To Your People-Based Marketing Mix.
Get Complete Sales Transparency from In-Market Lead – to Engagement Nurturing –  to In-Your-Funnel Prospect –  to Inbound Sales Presentation –  To Result…
Right Down To The Individual Salesperson

Watch It All Happen

Smart Tags
Increase Your Revenue with our proprietary spin technology that delivers the highest in-box email deliverability available on the market today
List Import
No Questions Or Reviews! You Want To Import?! What Are You Waiting For? Go, Import and Grow Your Profits
SMTP Rotation
Your Master IP or Domain is NEVER exposed. Get Additional Market Share By Controling Every Aspect Of Your Email Deliverability
Smart Scrub
7 layers of email hygiene. Means you Deliver the Right Message to the Right Person That You're Top Of Mind and Getting Sales Outcomes And Customer Retention

Ask us about setting up a completely automated
email retargeting solution just for you.


Create A List.

Create Can-Spam information and fill-in your sender name and address


Create Automated Email Sequence.

Create your drip email campaigns with a super simple campaign editor or use the SmartTags feature to spin any part of your email campaign content, Set-up the time trigger and click Save.


Import Your Data.

*Save Revenue, Time and Effort! The system automation will takeover and run the next steps.

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“With the rise of social media influence’s and the flux of advertising space created by different social media platforms,
it is easy to assume that social media is the best virtual marketing place. But when the question is of converting the target
base into customers or supporters, nothing gets the job done like email marketing.”

Martech Advisor 2018

“Of over 700 marketers polled, 74% rate their email ROI as good or excellent. But 30% say it is excellent — a decline from last year. In addition, 44% rate it as good, 21% as average and 5% as poor. The average and poor percentages are higher than in 2017.
Still, email beats the second-highest channel, SEO, which is ranked as excellent by 25% and as good by 45%.”

EmailMarketingDaily 2018

“While ROI is the prima facto for analyzing the performance, it indirectly depends on how well you managed to acquire your customers and how well you retain them.
As per a survey done in 2017 by Targetmarketing, email was observed to be the most preferred source for both. Interestingly, online advertising has seen a
substantial growth in acquiring new customers (i.e. from 43% in 2016 to 56% in 2017).”

Business2community.com 2018